Listed below is the Model / Actor Skype appointment form for applicants who do not live in the states of Virginia,

North Carolina, Washington DC, and Maryland.


This is your chance to still talk to LMG about working with our national talent agency as a new face! LMG is renowned for developing, managing, and booking talent in some of the top castings across the USA. LMG is also renowned for placing talent in some of the top markets in the entertainment industry.


All Skype meetings are a one-time $50.00 consultation fee for your one-on-one appointment with an LMG agent. This will be collected upon submitting your application below. This consultation fee covers your meeting with one of our agents as we evaluate you as a new face. We will be discussing the entire agency booking and placement process as well as getting a better idea of what division you will fit as new LMG talent on a local, national, and international basis.

This is a one-time appointment fee as described above. All information submitted is private and for LMG use only. An agent will be in contact 24 - 48 hours after submitting to set your appointment.  Consultation fees are non-refundable and must be paid upon submitting your application. Failure to abide by these terms will result in your application being void.